Finally Ours 

Today has been the best day! My fiancé and myself have finally moved into a HOUSE! I’m beyond happy and thrilled to finally have something that’s FINALLY OURS! The past few days have been busy with moving so I haven’t had much time for an update but I love our little home it is so … More Finally Ours 

A hard day 

So I’m sitting in a hospital right now, with my mother..and The reality of her not being here some day is hitting hard today… My mother has a few health issues and I had to bring her to the hospital this morning and it’s 1:40pm now and still no answers . I hate to see … More A hard day 

The big decision… 

As a wife/fiancé/ girlfriend/significant other, I think we can all agree that when your spouse comes to you, filled with determination and passion about something you feel nothing more than compelled to support them… I’m sure if you’ve read my previous post “How Lucky am I ?”  You can see i am absolutely head over … More The big decision… 

A pitty posting 

Hey all! so im laying in bed and its a family cuddle with my babes….   ….my fiance, and my two babies. Were watching pitbulls and parolees and it just always gets me angry to think of someone mistreating this breed. My dogs are like my kids , they’re my babies and just the thought of … More A pitty posting 

Sleepless Nights 

So I’m laying in bed, haven’t gotten much sleep and all I can think about is this new found (and completely random) joy for writing in this blog. My fiancé got home last night and saw me wrapping up on my previous blog and all he could say was ” your blogging? That’s for nerds” … More Sleepless Nights