A pitty posting 

Hey all!

so im laying in bed and its a family cuddle with my babes…. 

 ….my fiance, and my two babies. Were watching pitbulls and parolees and it just always gets me angry to think of someone mistreating this breed. My dogs are like my kids , they’re my babies and just the thought of them being hurt has me feeling some type of way. I really don’t understand how people can misjudge this particular breed they’re so strong, loyal,and protective of those around them, at the same time they’re so friendly, loving, and smart. My hubby and myself have grown up having pits and when we decided to add some furry friends to our family there was no question about what the breed was going to be.

Since bringing our dogs into our family I really have seen people’s true colors. Us as a couple have gotten a lot of flack from people in our neighborhood, to family, to just random strangers about our “killer dogs”. Its funny to think that people are so skeptical about things they have no knowledge of. The ignorance of people nowadays is overwhelming. Our dogs are so sweet and loving they want nothing more than to show love and cuddle. At the sametime they’re such loyal and protective breeds. I love my pups and would do anything for them , my only hope is that eventually they will be accepted and the breed as a whole will no longer be judged.

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