The big decision… 

As a wife/fiancé/ girlfriend/significant other, I think we can all agree that when your spouse comes to you, filled with determination and passion about something you feel nothing more than compelled to support them…

I’m sure if you’ve read my previous post “How Lucky am I ?”  You can see i am absolutely head over heels for my fiancé. Well at the beginning of the week my love comes to me and confides in me about a decision he has come too . He’s enlisting. And he’s leaving soon for training soon.My heart cannot help but break I can’t even begin to think about the time I’ll be away from him or the fact that he’ll be putting himself in harms way…..

Now before you all starts commenting raving and ranting YES! I put him being away from me 1st. What you need to understand is this man is my rock, were together everyday, we live together, we’re very involved with each other (if that makes sense) . Maybe we’re “too attached “but we’ve this way since we first started dating 4 years ago . We just understand one another, and I can’t begin to imagine my life without him in it everyday.

Yes I understand he’s not going anywhere . No he’s not leaving me ,but those with family in the military or husbands/wife’s/ significant others in similar situations you’ll understand it’s the time away from the person you love that kills you.  I’m so very proud of him that he’s made this decision but at the same time sad. 

Now secondly yes I put his wellbeing 2nd because my courageous man is putting himself in potential harms way to keep all of us safe. Of course I fear for his wellbeing but at the same time that’s going to be his job. I kinda have no choice.

I love my man and I’m so proud of him for this decision he has chosen to make as well as the determination and courage he’s showing. 🇺🇸

I don’t think it’s fully sunk in just yet , I guess I’m a military wifey….😳

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