Update: A hard Day/ The big decision

Well first and foremost my mom is home! She still has a long road to recovery but shes home.Doctors couldn’t tell me what it was that was wrong with her so of course we will continue to find out whats going on. But the good thing is shes home.

Now, an update on my hubby leaving…
Little by Little family is starting to be told and find out..as well as friends…
Its becoming a real big “thing”, yes I know its a big deal but wait there’s another BIG decision coming…MARRIAGE!
Its gotten to the point where we need to decide if were planning on getting married in the next month before he leaves.
SO for those who don’t know my hubby and myself have been engaged for 2 years and, living together for a year and a half. AANNNND wait before you ask…The reason we have yet to marry was because of simply “LIFE” . Always one thing right after another, and a wedding just keeps having to be put on the “back-burner”, and we were planning on starting up the plans again this coming year so a “quickie wedding” doesn’t scare me.
Getting married doesn’t scare me but why he wants to rush doing so does, I mean what if hes wanting to get married because hes anticipating never getting the chance too.
As bad as I know it is to just think about the negativity of this situation, the reality is starting to set in, and its nerve racking!

Any other military wifeys feel this way? or have a similar situation happening…..?

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